Pepper Monroe is an intuitive healer, a nurturing believer, and a compassionate creator. The environment she creates is warm, welcoming and super supportive. With her keen, subtle and finely developed senses, she takes us to the depths of our internal guidance and speaks in a language that truly resonates on a soul level. Pepper is a Breathwork Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Instructor. She has practiced the healing arts extensively and has studied with some of the world’s leading masters. Her private classes, workshops and training's carry a certain capacity to meet life generously and encourage spirit seekers toward creativity and self-discovery.
Pepper works with people all over the world; leading healing retreats and facilitating mentoring programs and trainings. She loves spending time with her wide-eye child, mingling among the trees, wild plant gardening and smelling salty air. Pepper's private practice is located in Woodstock, NY.


INDIVIDUAL + GROUP BREATHWORK: This powerful breathing technique helps moves stagnant energy in the body, establishes new belief patterns & encourages emotional release. Pepper will guide you in the breath pattern and apply essential oils and smudging rituals to soothe the heart.

Benefits of Breathwork: Mends old battles wounds, heals trauma and grief, relieves anxiety and stress, grounds the nervous system, lightens the energetic field of lingering toxins and negativity, upgrades emotional stability, supports recovery and encourages creativity and potential.

1:1 HOLISTIC COACHING + PARTNERSHIP WORK: Coaching sessions virtually or in person. We will co-create this time together to support you and your unique life journey. Also, visit Soul School for intensive mentoring course.

REIKI: A deeply relaxing and non- invasive healing method using light touch to facilitate balance in the subtle energetic and cellular bodies.

PRIVATE YOGA: Individual sessions are an incredible way to explore yoga in your own rhythm. The sessions are beautifully designed to fit your specific needs so you can gently work towards goals that compliment your anatomy and maximize your personal growth. Along with a variety of yoga teachings, each session includes elements of massage therapy, energetic bodywork and relaxation techniques. Experience the promises of this ancient practice in the comfort of your own home, hotel or office.