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Farm to Yoga

Spend a relaxing day at Growing Heart Farm and indulge in the best of the harvest season. Tour the fields of veggies and learn about the source of your food. Stretch out in the sunshine with a yoga class lead by amazing teachers. Following yoga, nourish your body with an “ultra-ganic” meal grown in our farmer's fields and prepared by our team of holistic chefs.

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July 26th - Cool as a Cucumber

Aarona Pichinson will keep it cool as a cucumber as the summer dials in. The field will be basking in all its magnificent glory and freshness. Rachelle Crocker will be creatively cooking while you quench yourself with a pre- and post-class cooling tea of and refreshing herbs. Soundscape with Tyler Sussman. 

August 16th - Its Getting Hot in Tomato and Pepper Town

Beloved Christie Clark and Margi Young, formerly of OM yoga, will be back for their third year and third OM yoga reunion. The fields will be fired up with an incredible display of heirloom tomato varieties, each tastin' like a different flavor of sunshine. Sara Auster serenades our ears with sound delights. Hot and sweet peppers will also be making their sassy debut onto the fields. But don’t fret, there will still be cooling herbal iced tea on hand and plenty of shade to get leisure in.

September 6th - Medicinal Plant and Herb Love

Richard Mandelbaum of Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism and Pepper Monroe come together to show us the ways in which plants teach us and continue to heal us. We will explore the native flora and observe the essence and healing properties of the plants that surround us. The mystical Susanna Raeven will sweeten the land with sound and music. The air is still warm and light with the scent of Fall tingling our noses. Its the last chance for romance as we see the field shifting towards the final harvest of potatoes, squash and turnips.

October 4th,  5th Anniversary of Farm To Yoga and Growing Heart Farm Celebration*

Join Abby Paloma,  Lewis Kofsky, Hannah Gruber & Rusty Zimmerman come together to celebrate 5 years of farming, dining, and yogaing at Growing Heart Farm. Abby will be teaching and guiding the farm tour, Hannah & Rusty will be cooking up a divine feast in the kitchen and AJ Block of the Didge Project takes us on a sound exploration. We will savor the flavors of abundance from the farm and with pickling and storing the harvest will last until next year’s young veggies sprout forth.