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Save the Date! HEARTBEATS with Pepper + Jessica Caplan :: Maha Rose NORTH

Join Jessica and Pepper for a restful evening of Restorative-inspired yoga combined with sound healing, Reiki and clearing rituals to leave you refreshed and renewed for summer.

In this two-hour event, you’ll settle into a restful state of integration and restoration, as Pepper guides you through a sequence of gentle, Restorative yoga poses. Using support like blankets and bolsters, this style of yoga allows body and mind to release tension, reset and heal. Sound, a powerful tool for reaching meditative states, facilitates this deep unwinding, creating an inward journey guided by therapeutic sound, music and the imagination. Jessica’s soothing soundscape, created spontaneously with resonant instruments – singing bowls, tuning forks, shrutti box, vocals and Shamanic instruments – will help you melt into stillness and into the waves of sound vibration. During the extended sound bath, Pepper will practice Reiki, sacred feather clearing and smudging rituals to soothe the heart, relieve the nervous system and lighten the energetic field.

We’ll wake up our senses at the end of the event with a tasty summer treat. The class is slow, nourishing and suitable for everyone.

More details and registration available at Maha Rose North