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SOLD OUT. oxygen giving dreams breathwork - Help your Self, Brooklyn.

Breathwork is a powerful breathing technique that is done while lying on your back. The breathing pattern opens the energy pathways in the body and helps us move stagnation or debris from our consciousness and access some of the deeper parts of ourselves.The breath allows us to break up old holding patterns, encourages emotional release, helps heal old battle wounds and can seriously move mountains.
Pepper will be there to support you the whole time by guiding you with the breath and holding space for your experience to unfold. She combines energy medicine, essentials oils, holy smoke (sage, sweetgrass, palo santo + cedar) and clearing rituals along with really good music as tools to create an environment that is safe and nurturing for your healing process.
As the breather, you simply trust the wisdom of your heart and what is ready to emerge. This heightened state of awareness is innately healing. We have a special opportunity to encounter ourselves on a deep spirit level, resolve issues that need tender attention and understand them in a creative, supported way.
You will walk away with more clarity, spaciousness in your heart and maybe a surprise psychedelic experience. .

Semi-private. Only 6 spots available.

Sign up: or call (718) 576-3010