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Wildfire breathwork ~ a gathering for women 4/15 Sage Center for the healing arts. Woodstock

Wildfire Breathwork - A Gathering for Women with Pepper Monroe - APRIL 15TH7:30-9pm Sage Center for the Healing Arts, Woodstock.
"I connected with something so precious today. It was my breath... within a circle of women, in a safe supported space, this breathwork took me so deep, clearing out old pain, trauma and fear. The best description I can offer is that it was like dying and being birthed into being. All those gritty places where feelings were hiding beneath the daily grind, the undercurrent of worry... it just came through and went and what was left was love, this soft enveloping love that is there for me and for us all, just as we are."  ~Melissa Eppard (from our last women's circle)

When we come together to witness with honest unwavering support, magic unfolds. 
We begin to resurrect the wildness in our heart and find the courage to express ourselves and our ideas freely, even if it feels vulnerable, because we then live in our truth. We nourish and love ourselves genuinely. We tap into the part our nature that is deeply intuitive and values the gifts and talents we have as women, knowing that when we do, we have a whole lot more to give. In this Breathwork gathering we will honor our choice as women to feel free.

RSVP  or 845 679 5650