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Twin Flames Breathwork w pepper monroe + josephine edmondson in the geo-dome at maha rose north

Thursday, July 25th -- Twin Flames Breathwork Upstate

with Pepper Monroe & Josephine Edmondson


Breathwork is an active meditation technique that moves stagnant energy, establishes new belief patterns & encourages emotional release. In this workshop, Pepper and Josephine will guide you in the breath, play fantastic music, apply essential oils and smudging rituals to soothe the heart and relieve the nervous system and energetic field of lingering toxins and negativity. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel it, heal it. Rinse and repeat.

Pepper and Josephine fell into a deep healing friendship a handful of years ago on the beach in Mexico. The stars were aligned and a major heart bond was formed. What connects them most is their out-of-the box, creative approaches to teaching and healing. What a dream come true to finally have them tag-team at Maha Rose North, offering up a truly one of a kind breathwork experience.

Exchange: $25

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E